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REDCap@Yale Developer's Handbook


This handbook is a guide to the processes and workflow used at REDCap@Yale for the distributed, team-oriented development of external modules, used to extend the functionality of the REDCap web servers we maintain here at Yale University.

The purpose of this handbook is to educate the developer of the tools and flows required to seamlessly develop software within a team. All examples provided will be relevant to the development of REDCap external modules, but the workflow themselves may be beneficial to anyone hoping to develop software in a team environment.

The handbook will start with an introduction to Git and GitHub, two integral tools to team-oriented development. It will then develop into the workflow, described first from the perspective of the developer, and then the code or project owner. The handbook will then end with general standards and conventions required in the code while developing an external modules, and a guide to setting up a development environment on your (hopefully work provided) local machine.

We will not, however, delve into actually developing external modules, only the workflows used to develop these software. For those interested in learning how to extend the functionality of REDCap, this guide developed by the REDCap team at University of Florida will be of great help.

Under Construction

Welcome! We are glad you found this handbook. This documentation is currently going through major overhaul, with frequent updates and modifications. Please check back periodically to be up to date on changes. Additionally, if you have any suggestions, feel free to create a fork of this repository and suggest changes via a pull request.